I make art
to communicate
what I cannot communicate with words;
what I need to say
about what’s going on in the world around us;
what I cannot fix;
what I wish I could make different
with my paint and clay
or metal and wood.
I work very hard at it —
always with my hands,
smearing, scraping, sanding —
until the experience becomes intimately personal.
Communication is at the heart of every creation,
wedded to a humanistic concern.
I yearn with passion to make sense of it all.
Fulfillment comes
only after I am personally satisfied
with having known, experienced and conveyed —
or at least tried to convey,
an ongoing, meaningful conversation;
a conversation that has found its way into the work itself;
a conversation that may potentially transpire
a continuance of the same with each viewer —
long after my paint has dried.
jj / August 2016